How to Make Money Online by Ethical Means

Yes, you can earn money online by using your computer or laptop. I am NOT going to talk about affiliate marketing, taking a survey to make money, making reports, writing summaries of websites or anything like that. There are several ways to make money online and they are categorised in two broad categories. Ethical and unethical. Well, […]

Social Media

How To Make Instagram Photos Superhit Using Tags

Are you on Instagram? Do you want to get more likes on your photos? Then you need to read this article. Recently, I have discovered some tags(actually an app) which can get 70+ likes in less than 5 minutes. Although I used to tag photos appropriately before but now, for fun and “likes”, I play with my […]

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Review: Pressreader for Android and iOS

For a couple of days, I am reading newspapers and magazines on my mobile and tablet. And the best part is that I can read any country’s popular newspapers and magazines. All thanks to Pressreader for Android and iOS. Though I have enough news apps on both mobile and tablet viz. Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, and […]

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How to Hide Confidential Data on PC and Mobile

Have you ever wanted to store confidential data on your PC or Mobile? It can be anything, your photos, videos, documents or be it in any other form of data. In this post, we will discuss how to keep that data secretly which none other than you can access. PC First of all, let me […]

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Why should your next Android Mobile be Google Nexus 4?

Google and LG have collaborated and have launched the mighty new Nexus 4 mobile. So as of now if you are planning to buy a new Android mobile then It should definitely be Google Nexus 4. No I am not Google or LG’s salesperson guy. I am an Android user who already owns a high-end […]