3 Strangely Awkward Computer Languages Which You Will Never Use

As a programmer, you may learn C, C#, Java, Python or any other language of your career choice. But No programmer will ever learn these three weird programming languages. Why? Because they are so bizarre that they have no use and some of their code snippets look unreadable by humans. And they are: 1. LolCode: In […]

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Play 2048 Game Online on PC or Mac

The very popular, number puzzle game 2048 is on hype these days. If you have played it on your mobile (iOS or Android) then you already know its concept. It’s very easy to learn and play but very hard to win. The game is actually inspired by two similar games: 1024 by Veewo Studio and […]

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Five Features of iOS 8, Android already had

Yesterday Apple announced iOS 8 in their WWDC 2014 along with few more updates. As presented by Apple, iOS 8, the most advanced mobile operating system has “new” features. Considering five of them, I guess Android users have already been enjoying for years. And here they are. 1. Keyboard: Basically what Apple has done is, updated […]

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How to Stop People from Tagging You on Facebook

Have any friend(s) who tag you in their non-sense photos frequently and you don’t want this to happen? Even I had a few and I don’t like people tagging me in their photos when I’m not in the photo. And I found the solution. This will not stop anyone to tag you literally but, It’ll first […]