How to Change Background Color of HTML page Automatically

Some of us like dynamic web pages which change body color on its own. This is not too tough but requires effort for the first time. Today, I am going to show you both the easiest and detailed method to change the body color of any HTML page, every second, automatically. Only this page on […]


The Best Possible Way to Recover Photos or any Data

Recently, I went on a trip and clicked pictures on my Canon EOS 600D + 32GB Kingston Class 10 SD card. In the middle, camera released two shutters one after another and to my shock, Camera deleted everything and it showed “No images” in camera. For a moment, I thought that everything in my SD […]

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How to Delete Cookies of Specific Websites in Google Chrome

If you have ever wanted to clear cookies and cache of any website and ended up cleaning everything in Chrome then stop. There’s an easier method to clear cookies of websites you visited and you no longer want your computer to have cookies of that URL for privacy reasons. Well, the fastest possible way will […]