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This is how Astronauts change Device Orientation in Space!

Ever wondered, how device orientation is changed in space, zero gravity? By just creating a forceful gravity, Astronauts in the Space change device orientation. I am not backing this theory, How can I? I am like just another person who have gone past Troposphere (or Stratosphere if any flight went too high). The answer actually comes […]

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Custom Duty And Import Taxes in India 2013

Budget 2013 disappointed mobile users. All mobiles priced above ₹ 2000 will cost more. There’s been a steep rise in custom duty for mobile phones. From 2.06% to 6%. Update: fFM of India has revised the duty on mobiles, now it’s 7.00%, announced imposition of 1% National calamity contingent duty. You have to pay import taxes […]

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A Senior Indian Govt. Officer Explains Cloud Computing – What a Joke

This video shows the views of a senior Indian govt. officer about the Cloud Computing. Techies will beat their heads after watching this video. epic fun. Language of the video is Hindi.