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Micromax Canvas A116 HD – Quad Core Budget Bliss

Micromax is deliberately working to stand along side with the giant manufactures in the Smartphone world and grab more market share. For this it has come up with a phone which is smart enough to compete with the giant smartphones of today. Yes, here comes the Micromax Canvas HD A116. At the launch event of […]

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Top 5 Mobile Phones of CES 2013

The CES 2013 has now officially ended and it’s time to choose the best out of various featured Smartphones. There were many but we chose the top five Smartphone which have the potential to be in this list. So here the countdown begins from bottom to top ratings of phones that were Showcased at the CES […]

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The Best of CES 2013

CES 2013 has officially ended and now it’s time to discuss the best of CES. All those awesome electronics, cars, etc showcased at CES this year are getting packed up and moved from the convention center to docks. These 4 days of thrill and excitement for us took more than a month to settle, and […]

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Meet Sony Xperia Z – A High-end Waterproof Android Mobile Phone

Sony Xperia Z literally goes underwater. Sony demonstrated the Xperia Z by dropping it into water at the ongoing CES event, Las Vegas. The Xperia Z beholds everything that a high-end Smartphone must possess, a 5-inch high resolution display with 443 pixels per inch, a quad-core Snapdragon qualcomm processor, 13 MP camera, NFC and the […]

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Pebble SmartWatch Showcased at CES – Shipping from January 23rd

Pebble SmartWatch is going to ship its first lot to the backers from January 23rd. Let me introduce you with the Pebble SmartWatch, It’s a digital watch compatible with Android and iPhone with 1.26 inch e-Ink display. Your digital watch. Has pre-installed apps. + Water Resistant Company has received 10 times more than the funding […]

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The Top 10 Mobile Phones of 2012

The year 2012 has ended and we had seen tons of mobile phones that year. From Android to Windows Phones, innovation was everywhere. Though iOS 6 disappointed but is still a good OS and we hope we will see betterment in the year 2013. In this post we will discuss the top 10 mobile phones […]

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How to Get Ingress Activation Code?

I have been reading your comments on my newest video (Ingress Gameplay). Many of you asked me to share the activation key, and some of you asked me tell how to get ingress code and above all, You have dropped your email IDs in comments so that I could invite you as ‘agent’ in game. […]

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BlackBerry Z10 – Leaked Pictures of BB OS10 Device

BlackBerry 10 L-Series handset has been snapped again. RIM’s upcoming BB10 handset was previously leaked showing the L-Series handset but at that time nothing was so special. This time, there are a few leaked pictures of BB10 L-Series handset. Image credits: Tinhte, Vietnam This leak of BB10 handset has given a proper picture about the much […]

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Review: Pressreader for Android and iOS

For a couple of days, I am reading newspapers and magazines on my mobile and tablet. And the best part is that I can read any country’s popular newspapers and magazines. All thanks to Pressreader for Android and iOS. Though I have enough news apps on both mobile and tablet viz. Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, and […]

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How to Hide Confidential Data on PC and Mobile

Have you ever wanted to store confidential data on your PC or Mobile? It can be anything, your photos, videos, documents or be it in any other form of data. In this post, we will discuss how to keep that data secretly which none other than you can access. PC First of all, let me […]