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How to Hide / Show Google Plus Profile in Search Results

Update: Google, unfortunately, turned down this feature. If you are curious to know how to hide your Google plus profile from search engines (even inside Google+ search), this post will help you. Just like Facebook, you can hide your Google+ profile too. Open your Google plus profile, make sure you are logged in. Find “Google […]

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Disable Google Plus Photos from Android Gallery

Do you see your Google Plus uploaded images in your Android device’s Gallery? Is that irritating you or for some reason you don’t want to appear those folders in your gallery? Yes? Continue reading this post! When you log into your Android phone or tablet using your Google account, Google by default enables to show […]

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How to Show Author Profile Photo in Google Search Results for Youtube

Yes, You can show the Google plus author profile in Google Search results for your YouTube channel. Earlier It was available for Blogs only (or the webpages with authors). Its easy and has the same process as you do for your WordPress blog. In the above image you can see that my Google profile photo is appearing below the Youtube Channel for search […]

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How to Show Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

After messing up with google authorship markup for a long time, I have enabled it. Its so simple but tutorials around the web are complicated. If you are a wordpress blogger then this article is helpful for you. I have googled many articles on the internet and found a very few articles useful and when […]