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Play 2048 Game Online on PC or Mac

The very popular, number puzzle game 2048 is on hype these days. If you have played it on your mobile (iOS or Android) then you already know its concept. It’s very easy to learn and play but very hard to win.

The game is actually inspired by two similar games: 1024 by Veewo Studio and Threes by Asher Vollmer(Paid app). 2048 is one of those games which are extremely very addictive and can be played by anyone.

2048 screenshot

You can play this game online on PC or Mac (OS doesn’t matter as it’s not available as an standalone app for either platform).  This game is so popular that 20s of 2048 titles are already available in Play Store, and this reminds me of Flappy Bird.

How to win? As soon as you create a 2048 tile, you win the game. Though you can play it further and create more and bigger tiles.

By Anil

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