3 Strangely Awkward Computer Languages Which You Will Never Use

As a programmer, you may learn C, C#, Java, Python or any other language of your career choice. But No programmer will ever learn these three weird programming languages. Why? Because they are so bizarre that they have no use and some of their code snippets look unreadable by humans. And they are:

1. LolCode: In this programming language, You will call libraries with “HAI” instead of “#include” and end ‘main’ with “KTHXBYE” instead of “}“. After writing this program, may be its writer/inventor laughed out loud so he named it LOLcode. A code snippet screenshot is below.

LOLCode Hello World!

2. Brainfuck: I don’t think anyone other than its creator can write in this language. It uses special characters only. After looking at a code snippet from Brainfuck, you might freak out a bit.

Brainfuck Hello World! code snippet

3. Ook Ook: Meet Ook Ook, which was solely created for entertainment. So if you want to be entertained while coding, Ook Ook should never be your choice. Instead of entertaining you, it’ll force you to bang your head against the wall. Look how entertaining it is to write a “Hello, World!” program in this language.

Ook Ook Hello WorldThe list doesn’t end here, there are numerous programming languages which may look weird to you and conventional to a group of people. You can have a look at Non-English programming languages on Wikipedia.


By Anil

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