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The Best of CES 2013

CES 2013 has officially ended and now it’s time to discuss the best of CES. All those awesome electronics, cars, etc showcased at CES this year are getting packed up and moved from the convention center to docks. These 4 days of thrill and excitement for us took more than a month to settle, and almost half a year of gear up, at least for CEA.

We have been covering this year’s CES event thousands of miles away from Las Vegas but thanks to the tech blogs like TheVerge, Mashable, CNET, etc for spreading the CES news faster than anyone. I have my own reasons of not attending the CES but let’s not discuss it and better focus on the BEST of CES 2013.

Best in Gaming

NVIDIA Project Shield: This is the hybrid gaming console you, the gamers, have been waiting for. Featuring a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display and a console-grade controller, this portable gaming console is all set to rock the year 2013.


Best in Gaming – Prototype

Oculus Rift: This is the future of gaming. This is something we have not seen earlier. Shooting, RPG and many other games are going to become so much fun with this wearable gadget.

Guys at Oculus Rift have said that this gadget may take a few years to become available for general public.

Best in Mobiles

Sony Xperia Z: This phone has everything that a high-end mobile phone should have. But, in addition, It is waterproof and dustproof. Though a few other mobiles were launched too, including Huawei Ascend Mate, a 6.1-inch display monster.

Best in Cameras

Polaroid iM1836: There were not many cameras at CES (I guess as I didn’t find much more hype other than this camera). This is an Android-based camera with detachable lenses.

Best in Tablets

Lenovo Horizon: Tablet of its kind. This 27-inch table-top tablet cum PC is priced at $999.

Best in Televisions

LG Hecto: This is a projector based TV. Look, our future TVs are going to be like this. No, seriously. “This is the future of Televisions. The concept is becoming Reality.”

Best in Televisions – Runner Up

Samsung Dual-View TV: Two Displays at the same time, Full Screen. This year at CES, Korean giants like LG and Samsung outshined others.

Best in Motion Sensors

Tobii Rex: Out of many motion sensors unveiled and showcased at CES, the best one was Tobii Rex. You stare at the screen, stare at an app, press the delete key and it opens the very app you were staring at. Cool! Unfortunately, it’s very expensive and compatible with windows 8 only.

Best in Motion Sensors – Runner Up

Leap Motion: “With this price tag and so many awesome and precise features, Leap Motion will outshine Microsoft Kinect.” Just $70 for this 3D sensor.

Best in Wearable Tech

Pebble SmartWatch: Finally, The Kickstarter backed, the very hyped and well deserving watch was showcased at CES. They promised to ship 80000 watches in the first lot to backers, starting Jan 23rd.

Best in Data Storage

Kingston 1 TB Pendrive: Now store all your data in this tiny little flash drive.

Best in Personal Music Player

Waterproof Sony Walkman: The exciting features of this music player are that it is waterproof and quick charge. Quick charge means a 3 mins of charge can play music up to 1 hour.

Other Besties

LG’s 29-inch monitor: World’s first 21:9 aspect ratio computer monitor was unveiled at CES this year. 21:9 stands for standard cinematic movie aspect ratio.

Samsung’s 8-core Mobile CPU: Before CES, there were quad-core mobile phones, Octa-core or say 8 core mobile CPUs have arrived. Maybe Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note II will be equipped with this processor.

This is it for this year’s CES. One more post, which you all are excited about, is coming soon. It’s Top Mobiles of CES 2013.

By Anil

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