Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Review + GIVEAWAY

Three years ago, when I got my first personal PC(Sony VIAO laptop), I was hunting for the best anti-virus software for the best protection. While googling I found Bitdefender Total Security on some website (Sorry, I don’t remember the name). After a brief research, I found BitDefender topping the charts on most sites.

I considered to give it a try after word of mouth. I wanted to get the best protection software for my laptop as we know Windows OS are more open to threats than Mac and Linux. This wasn’t the first Anti-virus program I was using. By that time, I had already tried AVG, CA, Kaspersky, and McAfee. Among those, Kaspersky was decent.

After installing Bitdefender Total Security program, I never turned back. And I am currently using the latest 2014 software on my Windows laptop and believe me I haven’t formatted the disk yet. Before bitdefender, Whenever there were virus attacks on my home PC I used to get it formatted to work properly. Other antivirus’ job was just to notify us about the viruses. They don’t delete them, to the most they could just quarantined them.

A must have anti-virus program for your PC.

Bitdefender comes with three programs: Anti-virus plus, Internet Security and Total Security. For a regular user who uses PC for both online and offline purpose, Internet Security program is enough. But there’s not much price difference between Internet Security and Total Security. By paying a little more, you can avail additional benefits. Includes Game mode, might benefit some games. Though this just didn’t work for me. I didn’t find any change.

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Screenshot

Bitdefender is Silent!

Bitdefender anti-virus program works silently. By silent I don’t mean it doesn’t work, Unlike other anti-virus programs, It does not pop up messages every few minutes. It handles tasks on its own. Also they have added Auto-pilot mode, after enabling it you can just sit relax and continue working and It will handle everything for you. From vulnerable attacks to notifications.

Additionally, While running, It does not slow down your PC. It runs only when there are enough resources. It scans every new files added or modified. There are four scan modes including Custom scan which lets you scan only selective folders. Useful if you doubt your System32 folder.

Internet Security

In terms of Internet security I found this anti virus the best. It integrates internet security into popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Why? If I accidentally open an unsafe website, Bitdefender will inform me about the vulnerability. Also, It scans every website and informs you about unsafe webpages which have phishing/spamware installed.

It’s got Bitdefender Safeplay which protects you against e-fraud and secures your banking information. Cool!

Premium Features/Apps

This program is packed with premium features/apps like

  • Wallet
  • File Shredder
  • Parental Control
  • Secure Online Storage
  • Device Anti-theft

Actually these are those features which I seldom use. I don’t store my passwords online or digitally anywhere, So Wallet is of no use to me. As I am the only user to my laptop (as most of the people these days have their own computing device), Parental Control was never used. I don’t impose this to anyone, You have all the liberty in this world to use this program your way.

Conclusion: Recommended! Overall Bitdefender Total Security program works for me and is a must-have for Microsoft Windows users to protect their device from viruses and attacks. Although it comes with extra features which every user won’t benefit (just like me). I use this program simply as an anti-virus, For others tasks I have got other apps.

What program should I go for?

Anti-virus plus: If your work is offline.

Internet Security: Recommended! If you a 21st century internet user.

Total Security: Optional! In addition to Internet Security, It gives 2 more features: Device anti-theft and Secure online storage. Comparison chart below(source: bitdefender)

Bitdefender Security Programs Comparison 2014


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By Anil

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