The Best Possible Way to Recover Photos or any Data

Recently, I went on a trip and clicked pictures on my Canon EOS 600D + 32GB Kingston Class 10 SD card. In the middle, camera released two shutters one after another and to my shock, Camera deleted everything and it showed “No images” in camera.

For a moment, I thought that everything in my SD card has been deleted. But luckily, only camera photos were deleted keeping any other folder intact. And then I happened to use a data recovery software for the very first time.

I downloaded 3 apps on my mac which claimed to recover data. Soon I came to know that all these apps are paid (prices ranged from $20-$50). They only show thumbnails of images deleted to your surprise for free. One of them is popular – Steller Pheonix data recovery.

Then I recalled an old software for data recovery which is developed by Piriform, Recuva. Recuva is 100% free with no hidden cost. But the problem is It’s for Windows only. No Mac app yet.

Recuva Screenshot

Fortunately, I have a windows laptop at my home and I installed Recuva and recovered all deleted photos. It saved me thousands of rupees.

Why Recuva is the best data recovery software?

  • 100% free.
  • Neat UI.
  • The fast recovery process.
  • Comes from the trusted, Piriform (maker of CCleaner).
  • Recovers almost every deleted file be it Music, Video, PDF or anything.
  • Even more, visit Recuva’s official page.

The only drawback of Recuva is that it’s made for Windows OS only. Wish Piriform offers this useful tool to MacOS and/or Linux soon.

Coming back to my story. It was later analysed that It wasn’t SD card’s fault. It was Camera’s fault that it released two shutters at a time and from there on It resetted photo naming sequence back to IMG_0001 from IMG_8800.

By Anil

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