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How to Delete Cookies of Specific Websites in Google Chrome

If you have ever wanted to clear cookies and cache of any website and ended up cleaning everything in Chrome then stop. There’s an easier method to clear cookies of websites you visited and you no longer want your computer to have cookies of that URL for privacy reasons.

Well, the fastest possible way will always be to delete all cookies and cache at once. But if you are a power user and want to delete cookies of a specific URL, do this:

  • Go to settings > show advanced settings.
  • In Privacy > Open Content settings.
  • Click on All cookies and site data (to browse everything your computer has stored from the internet).
    How to delete cookies in chrome(2)
  • Search for a website. From there, you can select specific cookies to delete or all cookies of a URL or everything being shown in the list.
    How to delete cookies in chrome

This way you can clear passwords of any specific website instead of winding up all data from chrome.

By Anil

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