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How to Hide Confidential Data on PC and Mobile

Have you ever wanted to store confidential data on your PC or Mobile? It can be anything, your photos, videos, documents or be it in any other form of data. In this post, we will discuss how to keep that data secretly which none other than you can access.


Hide Confidential Data

First of all, let me make it clear that no 3rd party application has been used in this tutorial. Except certain tweaks.

Storing data on PC is an easy method and a person using computers for years knows how and where to store that data. Yes, you may know that.

You may choose to rename the folder to blank and remove the thumbnail (by choosing the blank thumbnail). And then store the data inside that folder. Though this method is not viable as one with enough computer knowledge can get access through that folder.

All you need to do is change the file extension.

To play it smart, first store all your ‘confidential’ data in a folder. Zip it, delete the original folder and rename it as xyz.dll (I used the term DLL because It won’t open the file, you may write any extension of your choice). You can even write XYZ.username; But to make the zipped folder look less suspicious, you need to choose the name and extension which everyone knows and finds it as a system file. Then place that file(zipped folder) anywhere you, please. Putting it in the system folder is a better choice.

That’s it. Now whenever you want to access that file, just change the extension to .zip again.


Storing and hiding confidential data on some mobiles is not that easy as PCs. All because you don’t have that advanced file explorer as on PCs. Also, it depends on your mobile phone. If you have an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone you can simply install a 3rd party application which lets you rename files, make archives, etc. In short, you need to download an advanced file explorer in case it didn’t come pre-installed. Though many Android mobiles come with a file manager pre-installed.

Once you are in the file manager, either rename and change the extensions of files or make an archive and change the extension. Below is the procedure to do it on popular mobiles.

For Android, I use Root explorer(OLD version) to deal with this process. This requires root access so some of you might get disappointed. Don’t worry, there are many file explorers in Play Store. Any decent and free File explorer will do.

iOS ecosystem is different and weird not ugly, though. If you get a file explorer you will have to drop files into it and then you can access only those files. Unlike Android, you can’t explore all the files inside your iDevice unless you jailbreak it. Or It won’t work even after jailbreaking.

Windows Phone has degraded in terms of file sync, USB mass storage and our discussion of the day – File manager. So you will need to download 3rd party app.

More ways to hide the data on Computer: Encryption, Password protect folders/ documents or Upload it to the cloud and forget.

By Anil

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