How To Capture a Full Page Screenshot in Google Chrome

To get a screenshot, you probably tap on “Prt Sc” button and paste it in paint and do the cropping etc. But if you want to capture a full webpage screenshot, you can simply do that by an google chrome extension(Prt Sc will only save the visible screen). The extension is free  and has two options to capture – Visible Screenshot and Full Page Screenshot.

Webpage Screenshot is one of the most installed extension on google chrome and is Fast & Simple solution to Save screenshots of any webpage. This extension lets you save PNG/JPG image of any webpage in just one click. No further cropping necessary and if you want to edit the captured image, its also supported by the app.

1. Drawing Tools: Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Arrow
2. Add Text.
3. Fast Crop.
4. Start Edit before image ready.
5. Upload and share: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, MySpace
6. Print: Send directly to printer
7. Save to HD: The only extension that let you save large images to your HD, (not 2MB limit)
8. Capture local files: Can capture “FILE://”
9. Color Picker: Remember the last color you used.
10. Can capture horizontal websites)

Download the App from Chrome Web Store

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See the screenshot (editing)

See this in action (Video)

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