How to Create Custom Wallpaper

Tired of searching for the right wallpaper? Create a wallpaper that suits you and your style. Yes, you can create self-made wallpapers on your on. You can write your own name, favorite quote or even your photo on the wallpaper. You will decide the color, theme, quote, etc. So, are you excited? Here’s the self-created wallpaper by me.

How to Create Self-made Custom Wallpapers?


  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Ideas
  1. First of all, check the resolution of your PC by going to control panel > Display > Adjust resolution.
  2. Note down the resolution somewhere and multiply both by 1.5 (Optional).
  3. Now open Photoshop and create new file.
  4. Write width and height(the resolution)
  5. Select White and click OK.
  6. Now go to layers (Bottom-right) and double-click on “Background”.
  7. Now it will be named at “Layer 0”, Double-click on it.
  8. Go to Color Overlay and select the color of your wallpaper.
  9. If you want to add some pattern, then go to patterns and select any pattern of your choice and click OK.
  10. Don’t forget to set the optimum “opacity”
  11. Create new layer.
  12. To make it look more beautiful, Select “Brush Tool” and Set a large diameter with soft edges.
  13. Click once at the center.
  14. Now if you want to change the color of that mid-brushed area, double-click on “Layer 1”
  15. Go to color overlay and select the color of your choice.
  16. You can add on some pattern to it too.
  17. Click on “Texture” under “bevel and emboss”
  18. Now you can add any quote in the image. Select “Type Tool” and start writing anything of your choice.
  19. Move text where ever you want to place, but don’t forget to set the font and text size 😉
  20. You can make it even more styling, Click on “Text layer you created” Select Outer/Inner Glow.
  21. Or you can add textures too and change the color as well.
  22. Similarly you can add another text, photo, etc.
That’s It. You have made your own wallpaper, Now save the image as .PSD and save it again as .JPG or .PNG.

By Anil

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