How To Find Wallpapers For The New Macbook Pro’s Retina Display

I had read somewhere that the first problem after buying a Macbook pro with retina display is wallpapers. First of all, This isn’t a major issue and you don’t need to go somewhere else than Google. Google itself will search the wallpaper for your Macbook’s display (or any other laptop or PC).

New Macbook Pro’s screen resolution (retina display) is 2880×1800. So what you need to do is search for wallpapers in google image search exactly with this resolution.

Point-to-point explained:

  • Go to Google image search
  • Search for a wallpaper; type abstract art, nature, space, etc (Choice is yours).
  • In the left sidebar, select “Exactly” and write 2880 x 1800. Better if you type 4320 x 2700 (1.5x).
  • The results are your wallpaper. As simple as that.

You can follow this video for detailed instructions.

Or you can create your own wallpaper using AdobePhotoshop. One more choice, If you have clicked a decent photograph which, you think, will look best as wallpaper then crop it.

By Anil

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