How to Run Windows 7 Apps on Windows 8 with Dual-Boot Setup

So you have got windows 8 (consumer preview) and now you see that you have no apps installed. And you have all the important applications, softwares and games installed in windows 7 drive. Probably you won’t want to reinstall all those stuff again on windows 8 at it would consume more memory on your HDD.

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Its possible to run applications installed on windows 7(or any previous version of windows i.e. XP) on windows 8 if you have dual boot setup. Some apps/games might not work as they are strictly made for windows 7(or XP). but most probably almost all will work. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

How to run windows 7 apps on windows 8

  1. Open the drive where your windows 7 (or previous OS) is Installed.
  2. Open Program Files.
  3. Go to the Application folder which you want to run
  4. Select the application (.exe) file and open.
  5. Now copy the application file and create its shortcut on desktop.
  6. Or you can pin it to the metro-style start menu for your convenience.

Watch this video for the detailed instructions.

By Anil

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