All You Need To Know About Apple’s All New iMac – 2012 Model

Apple iMac 2012

You just can’t take off your eyes from it. If seeing the device is such amazing then you can understand how wonderful will it be to use it? Yes we are talking about the all new Apple iMac 2012. Till date no other desktops have come up with this kind of cutting edge technology.

Its screen feels heaven to the eyes and its power enthusiasts us as sitting in a space shuttle.

LED Wide Screen Display

Apple iMac 2012 Sideways

Apple has innovated the new iMac so beautifully that you never want to get distracted through anything around when you are in front of your iMac. The all new display has resulted a 75% decrease in reflection with IPS technology and LED backlight. By all this viewing becomes brighter and colorful from every viewing angle. The screen indeed gives a vivid and true-to-life display every time.

Equipped with Intel i5 and i7 Processor

The new iMac comes power packed with the third generation Intel processors. Every model in the series is equipped with standard Quad core i5 processor starting from 2.7GHz to 302GHz respectively. There is an option of custom configuration of your iMac through Apple online store, by which you can take off your iMac powered with an Intel i7 processor with up to 3.4GHz.

New NVIDIA graphics

The iMac is 60% more powerful than that of its predissisor when it comes to graphics. iMac is powered with an advance NVIDIA GeForce unit which is capable of handling 3D games and Full HD videos with more frames per second rate with more responsiveness to viewing.

Extreme Storage Options

The new iMac comes with ultimate storage options where you can go for either A HDD which goes up to 3TB of storage or a Flash drive which goes up to 768GB or a Fusion drive ( introduced for the first time, enabling the device to use both HDD as well as Flash storage combining with each other). It automatically manages your data according to use in Flash drive as well as HDD respectively.

Connectivity Options

Apple iMac 2012 Backwards

iMac comes with the most advanced option of connectivity including Thunderbolt ports ( fast, flexible and tiny ports used to transfer data with incredible speed and expansion capabilities). You can connect your high performance peripherals like external HDD, MP3 and MP4 players etc with it to have a pure and ultimate performance using USB 3.0 slots.

iMac also comes with USB 3.0 ports with up to 10 times faster data transfer speed than USB 2.0.

The latest and up to mark Wi-Fi 802.11 n wireless technology is packed in the new iMac by which you can connect to any Wi-Fi network effortlessly. Sharing becomes easy and fast with the new Bluetooth 4.0 version.

Hearing and Viewing Experience

Apple iMacs 2012

The iMac comes with new generation advance features like high-fidelity sound and larger sound stages enabling the listening experience better than before.

It also comes with dual in-built microphones which filters out sound in a very clear and sharp way and by this face time video calls and dictations becomes more real and futuristic.

720p HD camera for making video calls also does a very fair job.

Wireless Accessories

Apple iMac 2012 - iMac, Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse

The new iMac, as before, comes with wireless mouse and keyboard. The mouse has two way multi touch function which enables you to cruise seamlessly with simple gesture touches.

The Powerful and Futuristic Mountain lion OSX

Apple iMac 2012 - Mountain Lion X OS

Mountain Lion X is fluid to use and easy under stable interface makes sharing, organizing and doing anything very easily.

Other features include iCloud storage, apps, support to apple care etc.

The iMac is a device which can be said as it is made in heaven. Official dates have arrived for its launch in coming November and December for the 21.5 inch and 27 inch model respectively.

By Pinaki Dutta

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