Install Windows 8 on Mac Side by Side using VMWare Fusion 7

Some of us like Mac and some like Windows. But all of us would love to use both. And even more if both of them can be used on one single computer. In that case, Mac users have the advantage over Windows users. Because in an Apple computer, we can install Windows but cannot do it vice-versa.

This is the best way to install Windows on a Mac.


There are two ways to install Windows 8 on a Mac. First, Apple’s Bootcamp and second, VMWare Fusion 7. To achieve Side-by-side functionality and drag and drop integration, must opt out for VMWare Fusion 7 which we are going to discuss in this post. But before that, there are a few prerequisites which you need to have to get Windows 8 running on your Mac.


  1. Purchased copy of VMWare Fusion (Trial version is also available).
  2. Windows 8 ISO image. You can download it from either Microsoft website or (I had purchased Windows 8 two years ago so I had its ISO image and product key.)
  3. Product Key for Windows 8. (Want to go free? Download Windows 10 preview ISO)
  4. A 64-bit Mac. (iMac, Macbooks, Mac Pro or Mac mini).
  5. Sufficient Disk Space (At least 30 GB).

Assuming that you have everything mentioned above, let’s move on to the next level.

Follow the instructions:

  • Open VMWare Fusion. Go to File → New.
  • Choose “Install from disc or image“.
  • Click on “Use another disc or disc image…” And browse Windows.iso file.
  • Choose your Windows version (8 or 8 Pro), Fill in all your details, write Windows 8 product key.
  • Now you’ll have two options:
    • More Seamless.
    • More Isolated.
    You decide. (I chose Isolated, ask me why).
  • This is the last step to configure your Installation. Refer the screenshot:
    Windows 8 Virtual Machine Summary on VMWare Fusion 7
  • After Finishing this step, you’ll be asked to setup Windows 8 installation (Just like a normal Windows installation on PC).
  • And then you’ll have both Windows and Mac on your computer. Although I have one more OS: Linux (Thanks to VMWare).

So that’s how you installed Windows 8 on a Mac side by side. This is not just applicable for Windows 8, but you can install Windows 8.1 too. Also, if you don’t want to purchase Windows 8 you can download Windows 10 preview ISO for free from Microsoft. The process is same.1

How did this benefitted me: First of all, VMWare Fusion 7 is seamlessly fast and responsive. No complaints. And, I wanted to use Photoshop and I already had an older version of it for Windows (which didn’t require monthly/annual subscriptions). Along with that, I can play Counter-Strike on Mac. Nothing can beat this game.

Note: “Great power comes with great responsibility”, So take care of your resources. You Mac might slow down if you have insufficient RAM left. Don’t keep Windows 8 open every time. Use it when you want it.

Issues: Some keys are messed up. iMac Retina users will be disappointed because Windows 8 doesn’t support 5K resolution.

By Anil

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