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Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon – The Table-top Windows 8 Tablet-cum-PC

Lenovo Horizon - Tabletop Windows 8 PC

Lenovo has introduced its first “interpersonal PC” which is said to be a hybrid desktop-tabletop, at CES, Las Vegas. The giant 27inch Horizon is just hard to ignore.

Remember the old Microsoft Windows Surface 1.0 which was announced in late 2007 with a 30 inch screen? having resolution of 1024×768 pixels and was placed in a horizontal orientation with 5 infrared cameras for seeing figures and objects placed on the screen. Well yes that was the pioneer concept of the table top flat PC.

The Horizon is a Windows 8 PC with an added multiuser interface called Aura which pops up quickly when the device is down to its table top flat mode and presents you a unique software control wheel from which you can launch apps and do various other things like browsing your photos, music, videos etc.

Lenovo Horizon - Tabletop Windows 8 PC AURA UI

Lenovo has developed this table PC with multi-user platform which lets more than one user to use this device at a single time, with the advantage of Windows 8 touch functionality, Horizon easily handles more users at a single time to do tasks on it.

Lenovo demonstrated Horizon with multi player games like air hockey, multi player board games etc at CES 2013 event going on at Las Vegas, NV.

They will be offering an app store with EA and Ubisoft games specially developed for Horizon.

Lenovo Horizon - Tabletop Windows 8 PC Accessaries

Well stepping forward with the Horizon, Lenovo also introduced some unique and eye-catching accessaries like air hockey paddles, joysticks, a six-sided die etc. With touch capacitiveness these accessaries interact greatly with the Horizon.

With Horizon, Lenovo is also planning to come with a four wheel stand on which the Horizon would fit perfectly which can be suitable for use in classrooms, in coffee shops or for playing multiplayer games.

The Horizon is priced at $999 with Ultra-Low-Voltage Intel i3 processor which is a pretty decent price tag for this kind of device.

Lenovo also stated that They are going to offer i5 and i7 processors with ULV support and GeForce GT 620 graphics for those user who want more performance out of this device.

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