World’s First 21:9 Display Monitor at CES – LG EB90, A 29-inch IPS Display

LG EB90 21:9 Monitor

We have seen LCDs, LEDs with 21:9 aspect ratio but not a computer monitor display. LG has displayed its latest and world’s first 21:9 aspect ratio monitor – LG EB90 at CES, Las Vegas.

This is a big 29-inch monitor with cinema aspect ratio(21 : 9) which means you get to watch all your hollywood/bollywood movies (or all those movies with standard cinema aspect ratio) without any clutter.

Specs in brief:

  • 21:9 UltraWide Display (2560 x 1080 p)
  • 29 inch IPS Display in Cinema Screen
  • Wide color expression with sRGB
  • 4-screen split
  • Built-in stereo speakers (7W x 2)

LG EB90 Video Overview | UnboxTherapy

If used for work purpose, It is more productive in terms of multi tasking than those regular monitors. You can split the screen in 4 different windows. On the backside, It has bunch of ports i.e. 4 USB hubs (both 2.0 and 3.0), 2 HDMI ports, Ethernet port, etc.

It looks like an all in one monitor which is suitable for watching movies, doing work/browsing multiple tabs in different windows, and Gaming. Now I hope gamers won’t stack two monitors side-by-side just to see the extra content, this one is quite enough.

So Lew is going to grab one and unbox it soon. Stay tuned to his channel. 😉

By Anil

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