MacBook Service Battery Warning. Do You Need to Replace Batteries?

Seriously, Apple must have installed some cheap batteries in MacBooks (Air and Pro both). I am one of many Macbook users who faced “Service battery” warnings.

Here’s my story: After around one and half years of purchase, I saw “Service Battery” warning when I clicked battery status bar on top. I clicked on the warning, and I was taken to a support page which suggested me to visit Apple centre and get my Macbook Air’s battery serviced. But what is wrong with the battery?

Actually, I saw a sudden shut down (not actually a shutdown but display turning black due to no power) when the battery was below 30%. Sometimes, it was okay to go below 30% and sometimes it would just turn off anywhere between 5% to 30% of battery.

I went to Apple store and enquired about the issue. They told that battery needs replacement and it will cost around 12000 INR (around 185 USD). I, obviously, didn’t go for battery replacement. And after slightly more than 2 years, I have that same battery in my Macbook which has lost 33% of its capacity. But it doesn’t hurt that much that I need to replace it for a hefty sum.

Recently, A few days back, My laptop turned off. I remember that it had more than 45% of battery power. I checked battery capacity and found that it has lost another chunk of battery and I was left with 42% of battery capacity (not backup). but thankfully, Idk how, after a restart It was back with 68% of battery capacity.

Meanwhile, I googled about this issue and found many people complaining about Macbook’s battery in different forums. So it’s just not me, there are many users. Apple should reconsider Macbook batteries, seriously.

How to check Macbook’s battery capacity?

The longer and Apple’s way of checking your battery capacity is:

Macbook Battery status

  • Open Launchpad > Other  >System Information.
  • Under Hardware, click on Power.
  • There you’ll see “Full charge capacity(mAh)“. That’s your laptop’s current battery capacity.

To look for the designed capacity, Google!

Easiest way:

Coconut battery screenshot

  • Download coconutBattery.
  • This app shows your Macbook’s current battery capacity, designed capacity and charge life cycles in a neat design.

If you face “Service battery” warning or there’s a sudden drain in battery backup, don’t panic. Just check how much capacity your laptop has. I don’t have any problem charging my laptop after 3-4 hours of usage because I use it mostly on my work desk. But if you happen to work outside (flights, airports, coffee shops, and while travelling), you should consider getting your Macbook’s battery service.

Think, do you really need a new battery for your Macbook?

By Anil

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