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How to Mirror iPhone/iPad Screen on Mac or Windows PC

AirServer Logo AirplayYou can mirror your iOS device on your Apple TV easily, without a glitch and without any 3rd party app. But did you know you can mirror your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to Mac or Windows PC?

Yes you can, but this is something premium and doesn’t come free. Well, you can enjoy the trial sessions. Unlike Apple TV, your Mac devices are not equipped with Airplay server, at least currently. And don’t expect this from Windows. So you have to install some 3rd party apps on your computer to enjoy the iDevice screen on your PC/Laptop.

I found two good softwares – AirServer and Reflection. Reflection is there before AirServer existed. But isn’t the best choice. My preference is to go try AirServer and if you like it, if you find it useful to you no matter what. Purchase it!

How to Mirror iPhone/iPad Screen using AirServer?

All you need to have is AirServer installed on your Mac/PC and a working(and mutual) WiFi connection. Here you go.

  • Download and install AirServer.
  • It will ask for your name and email address for activation purposes. Fill it correctly and you will be mailed the trial activation code.
  • Open Airserver app and write the email address (or activation code, if you have any).
  • Now your computer has become an AirServer.
  1. To mirror any iOS device, double press the home button > Swipe your finger left to right.
  2. You will see AirPlay button b/w FF and volume bar.
  3. Tap on that, select your computer and Turn ON mirroring.
  4. And you are done!

AirServer can be used for 7 days for free but later on you either have to purchase the app or suggest your friends to download the app so that you can get another free 3 days of trial.

While mirroring my iPad screen to my Mac, I didn’t find any stutter or lag, even during gameplay. So if you want to shoot/ screencast iPhone or iPad now, open Quicktime player and start recording screencast. No 3rd party app needed.

AirServer claims itself as the next-gen gaming console as you can easily mirror your iDevice screen to a big display like your iMac. And there are some dedicated Airplay-dedicated games available out there on App Store.

By Anil

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