This way you can reduce Eye-Strain While Working on Computer

Do you work for hours on computer and feel your eyes extremely tired? Well, this is because the display emits blue light which suppresses melatonin production and makes our eyes fatigue. If you can set your screen to cool and warm according to outside weather, you’ll reduce eye-strain.

To believe this, you have to install this app first! A must-have.

Thankfully, there’s a free app for that and it is f.lux. F.lux is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS (no Android app as of now but there are good alternatives to flux). The app is s0 smart that it changes the color tone of my laptop’s display automatically according to time, even my bed-time.

F.Lux preferences

There are three time conditions in this app: Daytime, Sunset and Bedtime. And each of them are calculated by app itself by our given Location and wake-up time. There are three profiles and one custom profile. It’s recommended that you spend 5-10 minutes to custom set up this app.

There are two quick-modes (or color effects) : Darkroom and Movie mode. Movie mode is best suited when you watch a movie on your laptop at some time and it changes color levels of display for 3 hours.

Darkroom is the best feature of this app if you work (or browse facebook) in a dark room with no light. If you apply this mode, you’ll not feel any eye-strain and browsing will be comfortable for your eyes. But this mode is not recommended to view images or watch videos as this inverses colors and makes the screen emit red light only. Our eyes loves red light!

App for Android?

Unfortunately, developers of f.lux haven’t yet considered Android app but there are a few alternatives which gets the job done. Download Twilight from Play Store which is similar to fl.lux.

By Anil

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