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Use iPad or iPhone as Extra Display to Your Laptop

You can use your iPad as an extra, wireless display to your computer or laptop. All you need is a 3rd party app on both the devices: computer and iPad. Air Display is the wonder app.

Air Display iPad

It’s a paid app for iPad and iPhone and free app for host computers. Also available for Android devices so you can use your android phone or tablet as an extra display to your computer.

How to use iPad as extra display


  • Download Air Display from App Store. Paid App $9.99
  • Download Air Display host for your computer.
  1. Assuming that you have installed Air Display on iPad and Host on your computer.
  2. Open the app on iPad, Make sure both devices are connected to same wifi network.
  3. Open host (Air Display) on computer and choose your iPad (as it should appear in the list, just like the image below)
    Air Display Setup Help
  4. As soon as you tap on Connect button, It should start showing your computer’s screen on iPad.

As the latency and quality is dependent on your WiFi network, You might or might not experience lags and fluctuations while working. There is a simple work around for Mac+iPad users. Follow:

  • Create a WiFi network on your Mac.
  • Connect your iPad to that network and start Air Display again.
  • It’s butter smooth now, isn’t it? Comment your experience.

What you thought you can do but cannot do:

You cannot use your device’s touchscreen functionality, It’s just an extra display.

This isn’t limited just to iPad only. As I have written in the post, you can use your Android tablet as an extra display to Mac or Windows PCs too. Download Air Display from Google Play Store.

Tested (on iPad 2 + Macbook Air). Ok. Passed. While using AirDisplay on iPad Air, everything looks so tiny which needs to be sorted out soon.

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