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Valve Steam Box Coming Soon – New Age Gaming Console


The VALVE STEAM BOX first came into rumors in March this year with a potential bringing of a gaming console wholly and purely by Valve. The hardware was expected to be based on the Alienware X51(a subsidiary company of Dell providing form factor small gaming CPU’s) but after that, nothing special about this mysterious gaming console came into consideration.

Well now the news are back with some official facts and confirmations by Gabe Newell (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Valve) during the 2012 video game awards. VALVE is looking forward to come up with its own hardware to run Steam in a big picture mode and thus competing with the other gaming consoles in the market.

Gabe Newell has marginally stated that VALVE hardware will be a “very controlled environment”, which I take to mean it will be a PC running Linux, STEAM big picture mode and nothing else. It will be controlled through some specific and dedicated game controller rather than mouse and keyboard.

Big Picture Steam

These words stated by Newell clearly give us a picture about VALVE’s ongoing project which directly links to the VALVE STEAM BOX.

Newell also focused some light on the hardware side of the VALVE STEAM BOX stating that the device would not going to be just a standard console which we play PC games on our Televisions but it might be coming with custom upgradable options by which we can enhance its hardware for better performance.

He also stated that this gaming console will be more interesting and static to the developers because of its unified and compatible nature unlike other gaming consoles with standard rules and guidelines to follow.

After all of these official news, there is no official release and unveiling date of the device yet. However we are going to hear something good when this project completes.

By Pinaki Dutta

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