Windows 8 – A Beautiful New World Has Arrived

Windows 8

“A beautiful start”. Yes this is the tag line given to the all new Microsoft Windows 8 officially. The next generation windows 8 by Microsoft is beautiful to look around with lots of vibrancy and versatility inherent in it.

The first and foremost eye-catching aspect is the start screen. Each and every title (icons) is connected with different aspects like apps, person, websites, social networking, and playlist and so on depending upon your importance. You are always updated with the latest info on every tile. Photos, messages, social networking and many of those at a glance with this superior and more performance oriented windows version.

Windows 8 Start Screen

The flat modern UI interface is great to deal with, with better and amazing personalization options according to your choice. Microsoft has made Windows 8 with so preciseness that it scales and fits very smoothly with the size of the screen. At the first look you might get a glance that you are using windows phone interface.

Windows 8

Well talking about its compatibility, it is possible to use Windows 8 with mouse and keyboard as the conventional systems don’t have touch screens or track pads, you can easily work with every feature of Windows 8 but not with that edge of smoothness and fluidity because as it is originally made for touch screen devices.

Now talking about its installation and up gradation, you will find Windows 8 online officially where you will get step by step proceeding with the download and complete installation procedure. It will warn you through out the process about the hardware, compatibility and programming issues on the go.

While turning from Windows Vista and 7 there is an option of keeping programs, settings and files used with your prior OS with the new Windows 8 and if you are upgrading from Windows XP there is only one option of keeping your personal files with the new Windows.

Windows 8

The new Windows 8 is much more fast and fluid than Windows 7 and Vista. When it comes to performance you will definitely going to note and observe its huge improvements in the field of startup time and browsing activities. Copying, Searching and maneuvering from one place to another does in flashes with this new Windows.

And now when it comes to security of your data, Windows 8 will stand on the top of the series. You can make your own Windows account, messenger or any other flagship services by Microsoft like we all use to have in account form at the time of set up. Everything is same like before but what comes new is that now you can link your own PC with the network in a very new and interesting way.

Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 is the first in the series to use the Microsoft cloud service (well you need to have a Microsoft account to use the cloud service and other interesting features that come with this new Windows OS). Better synchronization of data and endless app storage with up to mark security gives you an enjoyable experience with windows 8. It also prevails features like strong password, picture password etc which removes all the worries from your mind.

System requirements for Windows 8 includes a minimum 1 GHz processor with support to Physical Address Extension (PAE) for using new security features of windows 8, 1 GB of RAM, 2 GB for 64 Bit Systems, 20 GB of HDD space with Direct X 9 graphics card. For modern UI interface apps a minimum of 1024×768 pixels resolution is needed.

Windows 8 Box

Pricing and availability will take you to pay Rs 699 to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro; if you have purchased your PC after June 31St 2012. For others the new OS will cost Rs 1999 only if you download the installation file from the official Microsoft website. These offers are valid up to 31st of January 2013. If due to some reasons you might not able to download the OS online you can purchase the Disk from market at a price of Rs 4000 which is also said to be valid up to 31st of January 2013. After this the product may get the price range of above Rs 10000.

You can also install windows 8 alongside your current windows installation viz. Windows 7, XP.

In the end Windows 8 is a far more performing OS in every criterion when it comes to processing, security and interface but as it is a very high end OS which requires extremes hardware specification, many people might remain on the stand when it comes to its use.

By Pinaki Dutta

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