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4 Major Features to Expect from Apple iPad 3

Apple’s going to announce the next iPad series in March, 2012(probably). Apple iPad is the world’s number one selling tablet and iPad 3 is the most anticipated device for the year 2012. The next series of iPad may be named as either iPad 2 or iPad 2S (According to rumors).

Lets see what features one should expect from the next iPad.

  1.  Retina Display
  2. New Processor – A6 Quad Core Processor
  3. Better Camera
  4. HDMI Port

1. Retina Display: This is definitely needed, many of the Android tablets have better resolution than iPad2. The current resolution of an iPad is 768×1021 pixels having just 132 ppi pixel density, if we compare it to iPhone 4S – iPhone’s resolution is 640×960. Lower? No, iPhone’s got 330 ppi pixel density which is more than that of iPad’s and any other smartphone(even Samsung galaxy s2). Retina Display is the best display a phone/tablet can ever have(you may expect even better in future).

2. All New A6 Quad-Core Processor: The new iPad is expected to have an A6 processor with Quad Core. Quad-core designs are coming from various ARM partners. According to the Korea Times in November 2011, the A6 processors are to be manufactured by Samsung, despite the companies’ ongoing patent battles.

3. Better Camera: This is the one feature which makes iPad behind from all the Android Tablets viz. Asus eee Pad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Moto Xoom, etc. The camera of iPad 2 is 0.7 MP – a mediocre one which captures 720p video which is actually not so good. It should at least have a front camera of 2 MP and a rear camera of 5-8 MP (Flash is optional).

4. HDMI Port: HDMI makes it easy to connect a device to a display unit i.e. TV, Projectors, etc. So if the the next iPad has the HDMI Port, it will be very convenient for us to connect and display iPad on TV. Currently there are 3rd party manufactures who are selling an extra AV adapter for iPads. but they are not HDMI. Please note that many Android Tablets have HDMI port in built.


Conclusion: There are many features which Apple should learn from other tablet manufactures like some of the major ones are shown in the post. And some others may include more thinner and lighter, light in the Apple logo at the back, USB port, Siri etc. If you have any more features to share, drop in the comments.

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