6 Gadgets that’ll Become Mainstream in Upcoming Years

Gadgets are evolving, all thanks to technology. From our lifestyle to easiness of tasks. We all depend on technology. Who knew in 1960s that 50 years later almost half of the population of the world will have mobile phones. And the truth is that none of can live without a mobile phone as on date. So in this post, I present you 5 devices that you’ll own in upcoming years.

6. 4K TVs

Today, 4K TV is a luxury. But tomorrow, their prices will fall, they will get better and everyone will upgrade to 4K TVs just like you upgraded CRT televisions with modern full HD LED TV.

Sony 4K TVs

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5. Smart Watches

So Pebble started the concept of a smartwatch which tells time and notifies you. And this year we got 3 players joining this segment. LG and Moto for Android wear and Apple. In a near future, everyone will feel like having a smartwatch that’s elegant, tells time(every time you look at it) and sleek.


I don’t want to say that smart watches will be cheaper because watches have been a luxury for years. Price will depend on the brand-to-specs ratio.

4. Smart Bulbs

LIFX re-invented the light bulb and Philips started selling smart bulbs before them. Well, that’s cool! as all a consumer wants is quality and innovation as soon as possible. LIFX, is a multi-color LED light bulb which is controlled by your smartphone, is not as feature rich as Philips Hue.


3. Google Glass

Google is yet to launch the consumer edition of Glass yet. And this may become a mainstream consumer item than a luxury. But it needs to lower its price to become mainstream. (At the time it launched, people wanted this gadget so badly that they wanted to buy it for over 2000 USD).

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2. Oculus Rift

Most of the gamers know about Oculus Rift (non-gamers too). This is the best virtual reality headset as of now. But it’s still available only for developers. We gamers want a consumer release so we can play COD on PS3 with life-like graphics.

1. Self Driving Cars

They are the absolute future of transportation. In about 10 years from now, expect self-driving, driver-less cars on roads near you. (Read: Google X – Google’s Secret Projects Come From Here)

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By Anil

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