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Samsung Galaxy Camera vs Nikon S800c – Battle of Android Powered Cameras

Nikon Android Camera S800c

So as Android is open source, We have it in Cameras now. Nikon and Samsung, both launched their first Android based point to shoot cameras. Samsung’s announced Galaxy Camera and Nikon did the S800c.

Specs Battle: Both feature 16 MP CMOS sensor camera. Galaxy Camera has giant 4.8″ SuperClear LCD screen whereas the Nikon S800 has 3.5 inch OLED display. In this post we will be covering the very basic specs instead of professional ones. Here we go:

Samsung Galaxy Camera

(Samsung Galaxy Camera)

As you can see in the spec comparison sheet above, Both have their own pros and cons. But overall, Samsung Galaxy Camera seems to be better than Nikon’s. Yet the price of Nikon S800 is yet to be announced.

Samsung Galaxy Camera over Nikon S800c

  1. Bigger Screen
  2. More connections: 4G and 3G
  3. Android 4.1 JB
  4. Slimmer than Nikon’s
  5. More internal storage: 8 GB
  6. Slow motion video recording

Nikon S800c over Samsung Galaxy Camera

  1. Light in weight
  2. Smaller in size
  3. More video output options
  4. Cheaper than Samsung’s

Yet, the final verdict is GO for Nikon S800c (Though I haven’t tried any of them), Samsung Galaxy Camera has a lot awesome features(some are similar to Nikon’s) but is priced at around $540 (or Rs. 29900) which is way too much for a point-to-shoot camera, One can get an entry level DSLR in that price segment.

Nikon Coolpix S800c is to be priced at $349 (Rs. 19500 approx), almost half of Samsung Galaxy Camera. So, In my opinion Nikon S800c can be a better deal. Almost same specs for half price.

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