Groundbreaking Technologies in Modern Cars these days

Having rear view camera display is old, Technology in cars is evolving day by day at fast pace. And in this post, today, we’ll discuss some groundbreaking technologies adopted in modern cars.

  1. BMW Brake Drying: 

    bmw-brake-dryingYou know when it’s pouring felines and dogs, the most widely recognized counsel you hear is not to brake too hard or your car may slip? All things considered, BMW is on the ball on that one.

    Basically, Brake Drying dries your brakes while you are driving. Enacted by your windshield wipers, this new BMW framework discontinuously moves the brake cushions near the rotors to keep them dry and enhance your ceasing power in wet climate conditions – as I would see it, this ought to be an absolute necessity have in any car since it is a splendid wellbeing safety measure and can possibly spare lives.

  2. Honda Lane Watch

    honda-lanesOnce more, another innovative feature – Honda has put a camera on the sideview mirror to help drivers switch to another lane. Rather than looking in the sideview mirror and looking behind you (issues due to the scandalous blind spot) you basically turn on your indicator (which activates the camera) and look at your inside screen. The camera demonstrates the whole path next to you, indicating you what’s in your blind spot, as well as offering guidelines specifying precisely how far you are from different vehicles.

    Honda Lane-watch is an astounding framework, and I wish all cars offered it.

  3. Mercedes-Benz AIRSCARF

    Don’t you simply hate it when you’re driving in your convertible and you need to put the top down yet it’s excessively cold, making it impossible to do as such? It’s a difficult existence, yet Mercedes has figured out how to make it less harder.

    This life-sparing system is called AIRSCARF, and it is an built-in warming framework that sends warm air – not from the dashboard yet rather from the seats’ headrest – onto your neck, henceforth an air-scarf (it’s a truly catchy name sincerely I’ll give them that). The outcome is that you can remain hotter than regular when cruising around in your Mercedes convertible and can put the top down on an icy day. Amusement changing would it say it isn’t?

  4. Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert

    Out of all the systems on this list, this is the one that you will probably use the least. Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert pretty much takes all the guesswork out of filling your tires. When you fill up your tires, generally it involves filling it up, checking if it’s at the right pressure, filling up some more, taking air back out and so on until your tires are full. Sure, it’s only about once every few months that you fill up your tires, but Nissan has your back.

    With this system, this tedious exercise is non-existent. You simply fill up your tires until the horn honks and the headlights light up, indicating the right pressure of air. While it is a novel concept, Nissan customers can rest easy knowing that they’ll be out of the gas station about 27 seconds quicker than their Honda rivals.

  5. Subaru-Eyesight

    Presently this, this is a creation that I would most definetely purchase a Subaru for.

    The Subaru-Eyesight offers an extensive variety of advanced elements, for example, versatile cruise control, lane takeoff warning, a blind spot observing system and rear cross traffic alarm. Yes that is all okay, however that is not the genuine reason I would get a Subaru.

    The Subaru-Eyesight essentially has a component that switches on when the car isn’t moving, and cautions you when cars around you begin to move. At the point when is this valuable?

    The Subaru-Eyesight beeps when the cars alongside you start moving so you can look upward from your telephone and begin driving once more. Get it.

  6. Volvo Drowsiness Detection

    This is another potential life-saving feature – this time composed by Volvo (shockingly). As you can presumably observe from the photo, this framework alarms the driver when he or she feels sleepy and needs to rest before keeping on driving. Be that as it may, how can it isn’t that right?

    All things considered, Volvo Drowsiness Detection includes a back confronting camera that sweeps the driver and screens eye and go to check whether you’re too tired to be in any way driving. Odds are that by then, you’re as of now mindful that you are too languid to ever be driving, yet it unquestionably has an outside source affirm it, and this comes in unmistakable helpful in case you’re driving alone.

There you go, the six awersome innovations in modern cars to look forward in your next car. Will Tata trucks have drowsiness detectors in their trucks anytime soon? 😉

By Anil

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