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This is how Astronauts change Device Orientation in Space!


Ever wondered, how device orientation is changed in space, zero gravity? By just creating a forceful gravity, Astronauts in the Space change device orientation.

I am not backing this theory, How can I? I am like just another person who have gone past Troposphere (or Stratosphere if any flight went too high). The answer actually comes from Robert Frost, Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA. He explained how Astronauts change iPad’s screen orientation in space.

Device Orientation in Space:

The onboard iPads are configured with the mute switch acting as the rotation lock. Should a crew member want to change the screen orientation, they toggle the mute switch and then jerk the iPad to impart a force that will change the orientation. They then reactivate the rotation lock.

Short answer: Jerk the device to change orientation and lock rotate. So in future, if you happen to carry an iPad in Space, you know how to orientate the device.

By Anil

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