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Is This The World’s Toughest Camera? Canon EOS 7D

You know which one’s the world’s toughest camera? Well, Its Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera which can survive through the hardcore tests. DigitalRevTV (youtube) guys have uploaded a video on youtube showing the durability of Canon 7D. The results were mind blowing. Seriously.

Canon EOS 7D Toughest CameraIt went through getting hit by a truck, freezing, getting hit by bullet, being dropped down some steps on a wheelchair and at the last, It survived through the fire. See the above video to make sure the stuff written is right.

Canon 7D Specs: 18 MP Camera, 3 inch display, weighs more than 800 grams, eye level pentaprism viewfinder, can shoot videos at FullHD (1080p). Price? It costs around Rs. 85000 or $1535 (Kit Only, doesn’t include lens).

Final words: Do never try the stuff shown in the video.

By Anil

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