Samsung’s Dual-View OLED TV. Two 3D Displays in One Single Screen

Samsung Dual View OLED TV

Have you ever seen a television displaying two different channels at a time? Not in split screen but in full screen. Well the Korian giant Samsung has made this possible at CES 2013.

It displayed their Dual-View OLED TV technology which has the ability to display two views (or be it two different channels at a time in full screen)

But then the question arises, what’s the need of such TVs? And the answer is, preferences of different people for different programs in a same house, Schedule problems and the gaming scenario can be considered as the best example for the need of Dual-View Television.

Imagine the current scenario of multiplayer racing games, If you are playing Dirt (or any other multiplayer racing game) with friends and family on PS3 or Xbox, what you see is that the TV screen splits in two parts and the level of excitement and fun decreases, also, the pro-ness.

This imagination took a far beyond and new path with the Dual-View concept TV from Samsung, Every visitor had their eyes on this new revolutionary invention showcased at the CES.

Samsung said that the new Dual-View OLED TV comes with two 3D signals on the set and has the ability to deliver super sharp Full HD 1080p resolution picture, with separate displays on a single screen.

You just need to wear the special glasses (can be seen in the picture below) to see the magic happen. The TV set has a button on the top which enables the glasses to toggle between both signals for dual-view mode.

Samsung Dual View OLED TV Glasses

Although the TV set displayed at the CES was a prototype of the Dual-View concept and there is still a very long way to go in its development.

Well at this point of time it cannot be said that this concept is really a real thing to imagine, but whether this concept will going to be worth full specially with the gaming scenario, well time will let us know that.

Image courtesy: Mashable!

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