Top 5 Fitness Bands of 2014

There’s a boom in smart watches and fitness trackers in today’s market and consumers like you and me love these new gadgets. Why do we love fitness trackers? Because they tell us our step-by-step fitness data to motivate us to be fit. Also, some fitness trackers track our sleep quality, time and cycle.

To help you choose the best fitness tracker, I have managed to choose the 5 best fitness trackers to buy as on date.

5. Xiaomi Mi band

Priced at a cheap $13, this can be your first ever fitness tracker when price to feature ratio is concerned. This tracker can unlock your phone without password, provided if your phone is Xiaomi Mi-phone. It can track your fitness and sleep data and it’s water-proof which means you can wear it 24/7.

Xiaomi Mi Band

As far as design is considered, this tracker looks toy-ish. PS: As far as pictures on its official website is considered. Plus its official app hasn’t been revealed yet.

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

A fitness tracker with a watch which can show phone notifications as well. This may interest many but not me. I am not a fan of a fitness tracker with a display, but I cannot impose my views on anyone hence it’s ranked 4th.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

It is water resistant which means you can wear it all day long and it’s got a heart rate sensor which is an add-on. Works only with some Samsung+Android devices, this gadget will cost you $150. Hundreds more in case you don’t have a high-end Samsung Galaxy phone.

3. Fitbit Flex

Costs $100, this sleek fitness tracker can motivate you to go out for a walk. It tracks your activities viz. distance traveled, calories burned, etc. plus your sleep quality. Resistance to water makes it 24/7 wearable. Hence you can wear it at night and it can wake you up in the morning with smart alarm. Works with Android and iOS devices.

Fitbit Flex

2. Sony Smartband

This comes free with Sony Xperia Z2 but if you want to get your hands on it (or say, have it on your hands) you have to spend $75. As the company suggests, it’s a lifelogger tracker which tracks your activities viz. calories burned, fitness tracking, time you spent watching a movie, etc.

Sony Smartband

As this tracker is water resistant and has sleep tracking functionality, you can wear it 24/7. It’s got a smart alarm feature which wakes you up in the morning automatically at the best time according to your sleep cycle. Pretty cool.

1. Jawbone UP

If you want to have a fitness band on your wrist which looks like a wristband then Jawbone fitness band is the one you are looking for. With minimalistic design, this tracker features Food and drink tracking, Activity and sleep tracking, Smart alarm which wakes you up at the optimum time of your sleep cycle, motivates you to do some exercise.

Jawbone Up and UP24

Comes in two variants: Jawbone UP and UP24. Regular model costs $80 whereas the high-end and latest model costs $150. This huge difference in price pays off some great features viz. Wireless sync, regular reminders to do an activity. Company claims that it has a insight engine which tracks all your data and tells you how your activities and food affect your lifecycle.


By Anil

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