Bad Piggies Review – A Definite Entertainer and Teacher

Bad Piggies Review - Gameplay Screenshot

You must have played the much hyped and our very own – Angry Birds. That was a game which shows the one sided story where the birds beat the piggies. Now we have the other side of the story. And believe me Bad Piggies is a must have game.

Unlike Angry birds, You don’t have to throw the birds using slingshot and the game has no violence. All you need to do is assemble the parts and drop the piggies at the finish point.

Gameplay: Bad piggies is a physics based game where you are supposed to assemble the provided parts in the tiles and make the piggies reach their destination, the finish point. At first, you are provided with some boxes, wheels , fizzy bottles and piggy. But later on you will get more tiles and equipments and the excitement & difficulty level will eventually increase.

The game comprises of two sections: Ground Hog and “When the pigs fly“.

Ground hog, as the name suggests, is where we have to drive the piggies to their destination. Difficulty increases level after level and the game becomes equally addictive, learning and enthusiastic. This section has 36 levels and 9 additional levels. Additional levels are unlocked as soon as you collect the required number of stars. And stars are collected while you play more efficiently and accurately by completing the mission. You can play the game twice or thrice or as much as you want to collect all the three stars.

Bad Piggies Review - Gameplay Screenshot

The ground hog section is easy and consistently interesting. And the game keeps the gamer engaged by providing more and more tools like engines, fans, new gen wheels, etc.

When the pigs fly, In this section you make the piggies fly and reach their destination. The game becomes boring when dealing with the balloons (if you are impatient, like me). You have to wait while you take the next action. Later on, your equipments and the tiles get upgraded and now you can finally make a flight, which is my personal favorite (who doesn’t want to fly a plane).

Bad Piggies Screenshot - In Flight

When the pigs fly, Is boring at the start but catches the fire in between and takes the game to a new level. Also you get to learn the flight physics too.

We have one extra section called Sandbox where you get numerous tiles and equipments where you can test your creativity and gaming skills.

While in game, If you find it difficult to solve the puzzle (assemble the parts) so you can take the help of Mechanic. It will assemble the parts for you. After the use of mechanic helps you will run out of free mechanic helps but don’t worry you can get another 3 free mechanics if you like Bad Piggies facebook page. And if you further require mechanic assistance, you have to buy.

Conclusion: By reading the review, you must have known how much I love this game. You get to learn physics using the trial and error approach of the gameplay. That definitely increases one’s knowledge with a lot of entertainment. This is an Age No Bar game, suitable for everyone. I think they should have named it Cute piggies instead of Bad Piggies, just a thought. I give it 5/5.

The game is currently available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. And Rovio will soon launch the game for Windows Phone and Windows 8 computers & tablets.

Bad Piggies Review - Gameplay Screenshot

The best thing – For Android users, the game is absolutely free, just like Angry birds. That makes the android users blush and proud of using the Android mobiles and devices. But on the other hand, Android version is supported by Ads. Don’t worry, they don’t appear while you play.

The game costs $0.99 for iPhone, $2.99 for iPad and $4.99 for Mac and windows respectively. You can download the game according to your device on bad piggies downloads page.

By Anil

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