Solution: “LoadTGA: Only type 2 and 10 targa RGB images supported”

LoadTGA Only type 2 and 10 targa RGB images supported Solution

Have you been facing an error(“LoadTGA: Only type 2 and 10 targa RGB images supported”) while entering a server or creating new game? I have been facing the same issue and can be solved easily by deleting a few files from Game directory. And I couldn’t find a permanent cure for this problem without re-installing.

This problem may arise with Counter Strike: 1.6, Condition Zero, etc. To get cured from this problem permanently, You need to uninstall and reinstall the game.


  1. Open the game directory. For steam it’s: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<username>
  2. Search for .TGA files.
  3. Delete all .TGA files.
  4. The problem has been temporarily resolved but if you see the error again, do it again.

Clean and Defrag the game from Steam (optional).

  1. Open steam > Library.
  2. Right click on a game > Properties > Local Files.
  3. Do > “Verify integrity of game cache” & “Defragement cache files”.

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