How to Create CS GO (Counter Strike – Global Offensive) Server on Windows

CS GO is the latest entry in FPS games and probably the best FPS game of 2012. We had custom built yet dedicated server for CS 1.6, CZ and Source, And now, You can create your own dedicated SRCDS server for CS GO too. This is a windows only tutorial. Video tutorial is also there at the end of the post.

Creating a server is easy but running it, or make it run might be a mess for you. This tutorial will guide you on how to create your own dedicated CS GO server for windows without opting for rented servers. All you need is:

  • Working internet connection – 1MBPS or up.
  • Port forwarding
  • Windows computer
    XP – 2GB RAM, at least 15 GB free space
    Win7/Vista – 4GB RAM, at least 15 GB free space

If you have all the needed things (requirements) then proceed to the tutorial. The tutorial is a detailed, yet easy method to install CS GO all the way from Valvesoftware. You can read the tutorial from there or follow the instructions below carefully.

  1. Download SteamCMD.
  2. Copy SteamCMD.exe to C:\Server (create a folder with name server, in case it doesn’t exist).
  3. Install SteamCMD.
  4. Now you will see CMD window (command prompt).
  5. Login using your Steam credentials i.e. username and password. Type:
    login <username> <password>
  6. If you get any error, you will soon receive a mail containing steam guard code. Now note down that code and type this in CMD
    login <username> <password> <steam guard code>
  7. It will take a few mins to login.
  8. After you login to your steam account, type:
    force_install_dir <path>
    where path is the location. e.g. “force_install_dir .\csgo\
  9. Type this now:
    app_update 740 validate
  10. This process will take several minutes to download all the required CS GO dedicated server files which is approx 6GB in size. If you have low bandwidth internet connection, leave the PC to download the files overnight.

Considering that you have downloaded all the required files, lets proceed to run the server.

To run the server, create a notepad file and write this for classic casual gamemode:

srcds -game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 0 +mapgroup mg_bomb +map de_dust

You can change the default map by changing de_dust to awp_india or any other. Now save the notepad file using save as command and rename it as “StartServer.bat“, Save as type should be “All files”.

Now open Startserver.bat to run the server. Check your server in server listings. If you see your server in listing then everything is working file, if not then do these:

  • Check whether your ports are forwarded or not.
  • Check whether you have downloaded all required files or not. Use this command:
    app_update 740 (Using the same process mentioned above).
  •  Connect to your own server using the IP address mentioned in server console and add 27015 port number.

If you were unable to start the server or you want to troubleshoot any known issues, go to this page.

I also watched this video for installing CS GO server. This video is helpful till creating the server but is worthless when starting the server. He didn’t even show how to start the server or we can assume that he couldn’t start his own server.

By Anil

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