Sony PS4 is Coming on 20th Feb ’13 – Exp. Features and Price


After a long time from 2006, when the PS3 was launched, Sony is now getting ready to come up with its all new PS4 this year. According to Japanese daily The Asahi Shimbun, Sony might come up with a big scheduled event where it will reveal the PS4. UPDATE: Sony has officially scheduled an event on 20th Feb ’13.

As we all know that PS4 is in rumors from a very long time for its specifications, design, price and availability and some of them are actually on the positive side like the PS4 is considered to come packed with a 8-core AMD processor with clock speed of 1.6GHz and the GPU will also embed an AMD Radeon unit which is said to be pretty much powerful than any other gaming device in the market.

On the other hand the memory equipped will be 4GB as standard with an upgradable option of up to 8GB support. Something impressive to look at is that, this time Sony might come up with the fastest GDDR5 RAM in the PS4.

Well talking about the PS4 controller, nothing much has been revealed till now, all we know that it might come with a touch sensitive surface. The rest will be the same as the current Dual Shock 3 pads as with the PS3.

PS4 Controller

The price of the device has not been yet revealed as the official announcement is yet to be done. PS4 might get a stand around in the range of $400.

Well 20th February is not so far to come, we all are waiting to hear some special and big things from Sony.Stay tuned with us.

By Pinaki Dutta

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