Disadvantages of having Google Authenticator Enabled on WordPress blogs

Wordpress Google Authenticator

It has been quite a long time I am using the two-way authentication WordPress plugin from Google. It is good for protecting the WordPress as a security add-on but it has its own disadvantages.

Major Disadvantage: If you like to blog using WordPress apps for iOS or Android then beware. You won’t be able to log in to your account if two-way authentication is active/enabled. Strange bug. Even if XML-RPC is enabled.

I tried to write a post using WordPress for iPad today but couldn’t even log in using my credentials. Yes! I have two-way authentication enabled and I wrote my app-specific password.

Now I have two options until Google releases the bug-free plugin. Either I write the posts on my laptops or disable the two-way verification.

Dear Google, I don’t want to disable the awesome and secure two-way verification plugin, but I also want to use WordPress on my iPad and other devices.

By Anil

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