How to Change WordPress Address URL


Changed blog URL recently and now your WordPress Dashboard is messed up? Don’t worry you can alter it in your website’s CPanel.

Recently, I decided to add WWW to my blog. I did all the configurations in Webmaster tools and .htaccess file but forgot to configure WordPress Address in Settings. It messed up my WP-Dashboard. And this is how I recovered.

  • Open Cpanel.
  • Open File Manager. And search for wp-config.php
  • Open this file in Code Editor.
  • Add the following code:
  • In the above code, delete the url in quotes and copy-paste exactly the same url where your WordPress blog is landing.

The following configuration will recover your blog. But it has a drawback, Now you cannot configure WordPress Address and Site Address from WordPress settings. This option will look greyed out. But now you know how to change it manually, like a boss.

By Anil

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