How to Fix Google Chrome Error “The site ahead contains Malware!” as Webmaster

The Website Ahead Contains Malware Error Message

If you have seen this message on a webpage then chances are you have closed the tab immediately to save your computer from malware. But what if this happens to your own website? This happened to this blog today and It took a few hours to resolve the issue. The issue is not with Google Chrome or Google itself, Google is prompt in telling about malware, errors or any badware.

Why do you usually see this error?

This is what Google has to say about this error message:

Google Chrome includes an optional feature called “Safe Browsing” to help protect you against phishing and malware attacks. This helps prevent evil-doers from tricking you into sharing personal information with them (“phishing”) or installing malicious software on your computer (“malware”). The approach used to accomplish this was designed specifically to protect your privacy and is also used by other popular browsers.

What can cause a neat WordPress blog to show this error?

Nothing but Plugins, Themes or any other 3rd party programs/scripts. I googled this error and every result I tried, said to disable this error generated by Chrome (from Tools). But that’s not the solution. Chrome was showing this error for a reason. I found this solution on my own and went to the root.

This was because of “Socialize” plugin. To check whether any plugin is playing suspicious, I deactivated all plugins and reloaded (shift+R) that page and thankfully that error message was gone. Then I re-activated plugins and reached “Socialize”.

If this error shows up for your website then check plugins first, then themes. Sometimes .htaccess file causes errors so it’s better to the backup htaccess file and keep track of changes.

By Anil

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