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How to Recover from Google Penguin Update Penalty

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Wrongly hurt by Google’s Penguin Update? Yes, This blog was also hurt by it. Recently my blog started getting some good organic traffic from google search, in around first week of April to be precise. I thought I recovered from Panda( I couldn’t understand whether its because of Panda or Penguin but I was happy to see good search engine traffic). But that didn’t last too long, in around 3 days I got good search engine referral traffic but afterwards, google search (including many other search engines) referrals dropped like anything. I thought this could be temporary and for a short period of time, but it lasted till the first week of May.

In between, I came to know about Google’s new algorithm – Penguin. I was sure that Google search referrals dropped because of that. I didn’t know what to do, hence I started searching over the internet and started understanding the procedure of how to recover from this animal. Thanks to Google Webmaster Guidelines Support, Hubspot and SearchEngineLand, I learnt that your website:

  • Should Not contain any spam.
  • Should Not contain any hidden texts or hidden links.
  • Should Not contain any copy paste data.
  • Should Not be a content farm.
  • Should Not contain any badware.
  • Should Not contain irrelevant keywords.
  • Should Not participate in link exchange schemes.
  • Should allow search engines to crawl webpages (optimize /robots.txt)
  • Should have Sitemap.
  • If your website contains images, add ALT text.
  • Should have good content.
If your website/blog doesn’t do anything bad mentioned above but still you were affected/hurt by Penguin update then Its not your mistake, Your site was wrongly affected. In a tweet, Matt Cutts tweeted:

So How to Recover from Google Penguin?

If you were wrongly hurt by Penguin update then you shouldn’t worry, As you can see Matt Cutt’s tweet above; What you need to do is just fill this form and tell about your website specifically in comments. Don’t forget to add one keyword which used to drive to the most google search traffic and it should not be your blog name.

Along with this you should fill another form (if you have google webmasters account) to request reconsideration for your website. Describe your website details like you don’t spread badwares, you don’t hire SEO firms (if you really don’t).

I filled that form (tweeted by Matt Cutts) twice(with a gap of a week) and the another form for reconsideration once. And within few days I started getting the normal search referrals. Like Google stopped showing results for this blog even for my name(Anil Sardiwal) Now its showing up 😉 So I can say I recovered from Google Penguin 🙂

This article was written to help those fellow websites who were wrongly affected by Google’s Penguin update, I hope this helps you.

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook