How to Make Money Online by Ethical Means

Yes, you can earn money online by using your computer or laptop. I am NOT going to talk about affiliate marketing, taking a survey to make money, making reports, writing summaries of websites or anything like that.

There are several ways to make money online and they are categorised in two broad categories. Ethical and unethical. Well, I am not going to discuss what all unethical ways are but I would rather insist you to focus on ethical ways instead.

For those who wonder, there are some veterans in the world who make more than lacs of dollars per month by doing their job online.

1. Sell Services Online

Starting from the easiest, selling services online is the easiest way to make money online. I am not saying that you will end up earning thousands of dollars a month, but you can earn a decent amount of money.

Heard of This website lets you earn $5 per service nett. To begin with, you have to make an account then post what you can do for $5. If people (or say visitors) are interested in your services, they will ask you to do what you promise. And you earn $5.

fiverr screenshot

What can you do? There are tons of things to be done over there at Fiverr, a few of them are: Design logos, animations, birthday wishes, drawing, tasks and what not.

2. Become a Contributing Author

Are you good at writing articles? You can make some money by contributing/ writing original niche content for popular blogs. Suppose you are a geek and you have deep interest and knowledge in some field, say technology, you can simply approach a popular tech blog to hire you as contributing author.

All you need to do is focus on writing a niche and original article, rest all server side tasks are blog owner/optimiser’s tension. If you are good at managing the complete blogging ecosystem (which is discussed later in this article), then you can choose to go that way.

3. Sell Products on eBay

Do you run a shop already? OR can you get things below the MRP? Sell your products on eBay. There are already hundreds on merchants on eBay who make money solely by selling their goods on eBay.

You can sell anything on eBay no matter if its new & latest or antique. Every product has its own audience (or customers). Some ways of becoming an eBay seller are: If you have contacts with a mobile phone wholesaler/dealer and you can get the mobiles at a really cheap price then choose eBay to sell your products.

If you can import goods from foreign countries, you can sell them on eBay just by adding your profit to it. Just make sure that product’s value plus your profit should be less than product’s MRP.

4. Guest Blogging

Umm. What is guest blogging and how does it differ from contributing author? Guest bloggers are those who write articles and submit them to a number of blogs around the web with a backlink in it. That back link is provided by a client they are working for (for the SEO purposes). This is mostly practiced by SEO organisations. So you can work with any of them.

5. Become a Blogger

Becoming a contributing blogger and  starting a blog from scratch are two different things. You have to have some technical knowledge before getting into this. But first, know your niche, what your interests are, what you excel in.

You can simply start your free blog through WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr. And if you feel that you should monetize your blog now and become serious about this job, purchase a web domain name and web hosting.

We cannot discuss the whole process of starting a blog from scratch here but can tell you how to make money out of blogging. Once everything starts to run fine, submit your blog to Google Adsense. We are not going to discuss what type of blog to start from, what to write, etc. for the obvious reasons.

6. Become a Youtuber


If you are good at shooting videos, upload it to YouTube, You can make money by opting out for showing ads on your videos. First things first, know what you can do! It can be about technology, food, fashion, style, etc. For example: Do you buy a lot of products(or a few)? Record an unboxing video.

Do you know how to make Starbucks coffee? share it on youtube. And you will gain your own audience. And that audience will help you make a few bucks. More the ads are viewed, more the money you make. Simple as that!

Know UnboxTherapy?, A Youtube channel where products get unboxed. Lewis excels in making top notch videos and attracting its audience to like and subscribe his channel but moreover this, he excels in making videos and deliver top quality unboxings.

7. Write eBooks and Sell Online

If you are good at writing books on tutorials, tips, novels, fiction, tech, food and what not. Then this could make you earn money. There are some awesome writing applications out there, but the best amongst them is an iBooks author for Mac which lets you write books with amazing layouts.

So now as soon as you finish writing a book, submit it to amazon and add its price. Or you can sell it for free on amazon and iBooks and ask your readers to donate to help you writing more such content.

8. Program Apps

This is the toughest of them all. But if you have some serious programming skills, you won’t end up reading articles like how to make money online. You would simply write programs and sell them online. But still I insist you to read how could you earn money if you were a programmer.

Develop apps and games. (No, we are, again, not going to discuss what kinda app we are going to write and the hardcore (hardcode) process behind it.) Suppose you know how to develop an app for a mobile platform such as Android or iOS: write the app, monetize it using Ads and submit it to respective store. See how simple and fast it is to write about programming apps. But in reality, it needs some serious efforts.

Example: Angry birds (that most popular game for Android and iOS devices which you first saw your friend playing on his/her mobile phone) developers have made millions of dollars. And there are hundreds of other developers in the list. Hard work pays off.


Choose the one which best suits you and your interests and knowledge. Make the most out of it. For any help, shoot your queries in comments.

There have been a bunch of more details to be shared in each point but as we had to cover all of them in one post, I was bound to a word limit. But never mind, I can share some detailed insights if you insist in my upcoming individual posts.

If I had a day of 100 hours I would do all the 8 activities. But since we are bound to have just 24 hours minus 8 hours of sleep minus a few more hours, we can do one, two or hardly three of them in a day :P. Jokes apart, programming, writing books, are not done overnight.

There might be some other ways to make money online which are not mentioned in the post, So feel free to add them in comments and also share your views about the 8 ways to make money online from home in comments.

By Anil

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