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Must Have WordPress Plugins 2015

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available to install and every plugin has its significant use. You may install a number of plugins, but a few of them are simply must-have. I have compiled a list of 5 must-have plugins for WordPress which every blogger should consider.


5. Yoast WordPress SEO: This is simply the best SEO plugin for WordPress and it’s very popular among bloggers. This plugin lets you custom set your SEO. Features include:Yoast WordPress SEO logo

  • Custom titles and metas
  • XML sitemap
  • Breadcrumbs for posts
  • Bulk Title and Description editor
  • .htaccess and robots.txt editor
  • Add header and footer to your RSS feed

4. Quick Adsense: If you are running a monetized blog then you must be showing Google Adsense ads on your blog. If you want to show ad(s) in-between, in header OR in the footer of your post, Install Quick Adsense. Copy ad scripts from Adsense and paste them in Quick Adsense settings. You can show up to 3+3 ads per page if you are solely using Google Adsense.

Plus, this plugin is not limited to Adsense only. You can paste any HTML code snippet and show it anywhere on the page.

3. WP-Optimize: You should optimise your blog for best performance regularly. With this plugin, you don’t need to go to Cpanel and optimise database. Simply select clean-up options and this plugin will do the rest for you.

NOTE: If your website is generating redirection_logs, you need to manually truncate them in Cpanel.

2. WP Fastest Cache: I have recently installed this plugin and I’m quite happy with this. This is the simplest cache plugin I have ever encountered, found it better than (W3 cache, just in terms of caching and simplicity). Features: Browser cache, gzip compression, minifies HTML and CSS and scheduled cache timeout. Install it if you simply want a better cache plugin.

1. PubSubHubbub: This plugin at the top with a weird name is the best and a must-have plugin. It pings search engines immediately as soon as you publish a post. And there’s no better friend of a blogger than Google.

IMG courtesy : Mashable
IMG courtesy: Mashable

And this wraps up must install WordPress plugins of 2014. If you know a plugin which deserves to be in this list, write its name in comments. FYI, WideFide is boosted by these plugins.

By Anil

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