Redditors are signing petitions to change upvote and downvote icons

There’s a new trend on Reddit since past two days. People are ‘signing petitions’ to change the icons of upvote and downvote. Well not actually signing but upvoting the post. And some of the petitions were actually accepted by the mods and they updated the icons. One example of that would be r/ProgrammerHumor.

Reddit Petition to change upvote and downvote1

Actually, it’s not a petition on or other similar websites. It’s a Reddit post by users on particular subreddits to change the icons.

Subreddits are highly customizable and some popular subreddits look better than the homepage itself. All thanks to adding CSS styles to the subreddit.

Some subreddits (viz. r/LifeProTips) already had a custom upvote and downvote icons. Look at some of these petitions.

I think that this is a good idea and gives relative styling to the subreddit. If you look at the first screenshot, you’ll notice that people upvoted to change the icons of r/ProgrammerHumor to ++ and –. A programmer can relate to these symbols and hence the mods changed the styling of that subreddit. Similarly, the icons of r/Bitcoin relate to the price trend.

By Anil

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