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Custom Duty And Import Taxes in India 2013

Budget 2013 disappointed mobile users. All mobiles priced above ₹ 2000 will cost more. There’s been a steep rise in custom duty for mobile phones. From 2.06% to 6%. Update: fFM of India has revised the duty on mobiles, now it’s 7.00%, announced imposition of 1% National calamity contingent duty.

You have to pay import taxes when you buy goods from foreign countries. Back in 2011, custom duty on Mobiles was 1.03% only, doubled in 2012 and tripled in 2013. So can we expect it to be 4X in 2014? That will make it to 28.00%.

What’s wrong with FM of India? Where are they taking this country to? huh! Below is the custom duty(aka Import taxes) chart to be followed for FY 2013-14 in India.

Import Items Custom Duty
Books (educational) free
Mobiles 7.00%
Hard Disk(Internal) 6.03%
Processor 6.03%
Apparel 14.71%
Laptop/Computers /iPad 16.85%
Sports Equipment 16.85%
Computer Printers 16.85%
Hard Disk External 16.85%
Modem 16.85%
Other computer peripherals 16.85%
Other than Movie CD/DVD 16.85%
Digital Still Image Camera 16.85%
Other Than computer printers 25.85%
Cables/wires 25.85%
Digital / Video Cameras 28.80%
DVD/ CDS 28.85%
DVD Players /Blu-Ray 28.85%
iPod 28.85%
Video Games 28.85%
Electronics/ Car parts 28.85%
Hand Watches /wrist watches 28.85%
Web cameras 28.85%
Sunglasses 28.85%
Gaming Consoles 28.85%
Battery (laptop) 28.85%
Shoes 28.85%
Artificial jewelry 28.85%
Camera lens 28.85%
Phone accessories 28.85%
Cosmetics/ Stationery/Toys 28.85%
Television 28.85%

By Anil

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