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7 Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 Gameplay Videos

Want to know the gaming capabilities of Samsung’s Android Giant, the Galaxy S3? I have been playing Shadowgun on my Galaxy S3 for more than a week now and now I can say that, this is the game which made me feel like as if I am playing it on PS3.

Shadowgun Gameplay on Galaxy S3

[Shadowgun – Youtube] 

N.O.V.A. 3 Gameplay on Galaxy S3

[NOVA 3 – Youtube]

I have heard about N.O.V.A. 3, which said to be the best action/shooting game, but unfortunately when I searched for that in Play store (mobile) I couldn’t see that in list. But I was shocked to see that this game is not compatible with my phone. huh? So with which device is this game compatible with? Nokia 1200?

GTA 3 Gameplay on Galaxy S3

[GTA 3 – Youtube]

Counter Strike 1.6 on Galaxy S3

[CS 1.6 – Youtube]

And I just couldn’t find out where did he download CS from. Its not there in the market (there are some useless apps with CS name in play store which should better be avoided for your phone’s sake), He must have downloaded the CS Portable APK from somewhere else, I found the gameplay a #win.

Modern Combat 3 Gameplay on Galaxy S3

[MC3 – Youtube]

Mass Effect Infiltrator Gameplay on Galaxy S3

[MEI – Youtube]

Gangster Rio Gameplay on Galaxy S3

[G-Rio Youtube]

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