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8 Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps Which Aren’t Preinstalled on the Device

Galaxy S3

If you have recently got the Samsung galaxy S3 then you know there are a few apps which should already come pre-installed with the device. Like as shown in Samsung unboxing event, Flipboard for Android should be there but the app doesn’t come preinstalled.

Like Flipboard there are some other apps like Kies Air, KiesCast, Family Story, Mini Diary, etc. which aren’t pre-installed on the device. So how do I get these apps? Simple, You can download them from Samsung Apps (as some are not available in play store).

Those apps are:

  1. Flipboard – E-magazine for personalized news. Currently available to download from Samsung Apps only.
  2. KiesAir – Share Data b/w your phone and PC wirelessly. Available from play store and samsung apps.
  3. KiesCast – Podcast manager and downloader. Play store and Samsung Apps.
  4. S Baro – Tool which shows the current altitude of the phone. Samsung Apps only.
  5. Photo Editor – Samsung Apps only.
  6. Mini Diary – Just like evernote. Samsung Apps only.
  7. Family Story – Social Network only for Family members. Samsung apps and Play Store.
  8. My Story – Lets you send digital poster cards to your friends. Samsung apps only.

By Anil

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