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8 Weird Samsung Mobile Phones Till Date

There are so many weird mobile phones out there which look outstanding, weird, awesome, creepy. Mixed thoughts? Yes! For some people they might be just so awesome and for some they are creepy. If you have been following the mobile phone blogs over a time, then you know about (at least) few of them. In this post, I will be showing you a few weird looking mobile phones made by Samsung. Earlier, I wrote a blog post about 8 Weird Nokia Mobiles . The list is in descending order, here you go

8.  Samsung X830

Phone or MP3 Player? Image from (

7. Samsung Z130:

Do you want this “Wide” View?

6. Samsung Z700:

5. Samsung P900:

wow! ??

4. Samsung F520:

This way or that way?

3. Samsung Serene:

2. Samsung P300:

Its a Pocket Calculator

1. Samsung Serenata:

Looks like an iPod! Upside down

By Anil

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